Bheda Yoga / This is the first of a six video series, where I’ll be interviewing the owners and the people who are involved with Bheda Yoga

Temp website! Attempting to code the real one on the side.. *fingers crossed* 
07.17.13 /17:00

This is a video on a book I created this past year. I thought this would be a bit more interesting than a photo album of book spreads.

Torontonian Ethnoburb discusses North American “Ethnoburbs”, a termed coined by Professor Wei Li of Arizona State University. The text portions funnel from discussing broad articles about North American cities with similar immigration patterns (Los Angeles), to increasing it’s specificity by discussing issues within Toronto (Markham).

A photographic essay of Markham contextualizes the information.”

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I designed softball jerseys for my softball team. Ordered it from China so the sizes are way off and too short, but it’s hilarious especially when they look like crop tops on some people. YES. 

Oculesic / Eye Communication /A booklet about how the eyes can communicate a multitude of different messages. 
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